Eczema is caused by toxemia and deficiency. Both these conditions are the root causes of all diseases.

The dictionary definition of Toxemia is “an abnormal condition associated with the presence of toxic substances in the blood”. Toxins are formed from eating unnatural and impure, processed and chemicalized foods. Nutrient deficiency is where your body is undernourished and not receiving the proper types or amount of food that it needs to function efficiently.

Reducing eczema inflammation and eventually healing it is possible by making some changes in the type and quality of foods you eat. By making these changes your body will be provided with the life-giving, easy to digest foods which it requires to strengthen the immune system and self heal all diseases.

The best possible way to make a transition is to start slowly and gently. The following 6 “Must Dos” will enable you to make the necessary changes needed to improve your eczema and within a short space of time.


Eliminate all chemicals, tobacco, alcohol and coffee from your diet. An immediate stop may prove too radical for you so you can start by decreasing your consumption on a weekly basis.

For instance instead of drinking alcohol on a daily basis you could drink every other day. Or instead of drinking six cups of coffee every day, reduce your consumption by one cup every single week.


Stop consuming red meat immediately. Red meat can be replaced with fish of various types and chicken or turkey. If eliminating red meat is too drastic an action then decrease your consumption each week until you are no longer consuming it.


Eliminate white sugar, salt and all processed foods from your diet. Processed foods includes cakes, snacks and junk foods, in fact everything that is not raw.


Substitute raw honey, raisins and dates for white sugar. Eat whole grains instead of white flour and instead of frozen or packaged fruit and vegetables eat only fresh, organic foods.


Eliminate all mucus-forming foods such as dairy product which includes milk, butter, cheese, eggs and yogurt. You can substitute these with seed milk, seed cheese and seed yogurt.


Start drinking raw fruit and vegetables juices each day. Two or three glasses will make a tremendous difference to your skin.

Source by Janet Simpson